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8 questions to ask before hiring a Web Development company

web development company web development company

Choosing the best web development company is not an easy task. Interview with interested and qualified agencies is a challenging process. It is really important to ask good and specific questions, because it helps with make decision that you won't regret.


1. How many websites have you created?

The number of created websites says a lot, but don’t think that more means better. If you want an individual approach and are afraid of typical patterns choose agency with average number of implementations and just make sure that the people you want to work have a great experience

2. What platform are you building websites on?

The platform is the basis of the website. Ask the agency what platform are they working on and why. Platforms are different and it is worth getting to know its advantages and limitations in advance.

3. What research will you do before you design and create a website?

To build the best website for a given business, it is necessary to know the target market, brand identity and its goals. This question will separate amateurs and real specialists, because many agencies will start building any website, and the best ones will create the right website for business.

4. What will you do to make sure that website is SEO friendly?

SEO optimization is a very important element of the website, because without it nobody will see it. Appearing in Google after entering keywords is necessary to talk about the success of a website. Be sure to ask if SEO optimization does not constitute additional costs.

5. What is the specialization of your agency?

There is no good agency specializing in all types of projects, so find out if the agency you are talking to specializes in large online stores, small boutiques or company websites. Each agency will have some areas of specialization. Make sure you have the ones you care about.

6. How long have you been creating websites?

It takes time to create a good website. So do not impose a lot of pace, but be sure that work on it will not stretch too much in time and you won’t have to wait too long for your site. Watch out for offers that say that after a week you will have a ready page, because it can be done at the expense of good quality.

7. Will you be able to edit the page on your own?

It may turn out that after some time you expand the services or you just want to change the text or photo. Determine if you can do it without programming skill. Find out how much each edition can cost and which you will not be able to enter yourself.

8. What is the expected final cost?

Watch out for the web development company that offer the cheapest services, because it can count on a lot of additional paid options that will be necessary for the website to work properly and look good. Remember that websites are an investment, but their development shouldn’t be an endless money pit. A good developer will easily outline the budget, because it is a benefit for both sides.

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