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The Benefits of Using Wood

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In spite of various materials for constructing a house, wood is still one of the most preferred construction materials. The given below guide help you understand why wood is the best and preferable materials for constructing a house.


  1. Renewable, Recyclable, Natural

Wood is famous for its natural as well as a renewable building material property. Their recurring process involves the harvest and regeneration of forests. As a result, the production of wood will continue to be available for many more years.

Whenever you harvest a tree, you have to re-establish up to ten trees in its place. Hence, the renewable cycle embarks again and again. Wood is a natural resource that makes it non-toxic and completely safe to touch and handle.

This makes timber a perfect choice for the construction of buildings and residential log cabins.

  1. Carbon Positive

The good thing about wood is that it is greenhouse positive material that has a low net environmental impact. It is the only construction material that produces fewer carbon emissions in the long term.

Carbon is known as an elemental building block for all living things on earth. When the forest grows, the plants take up atmospheric carbon dioxide. Then they store it in their branches, leaves, and trunks.

Around half the dry weight of a living tree is carbon, and it retains throughout the manufacturing process of timber.

  1. Low Energy Production

In the manufacturing process of timber, the use of fossil fuel energy is substantially less than concrete, steel, or aluminum. As a result, it reduces the number of pollutants produced during its development.

In simple terms, constructing your house with one cubic meter of wood can save around 0.75 emission of carbon dioxide.

  1. Health and Wellbeing

There are several studies that have shown that having wood around you has positive effects on your health. A report by “Planet Ark” says living in wooden interior offers the same health benefits when spending time in nature.

Given below are some reported health benefits of wood:

  • It helps to improve the quality of air by moderating humidity. In addition, it also encourages having an easy breathing process.
  • It also helps to make your emotional state as well as self-expression better.
  • With wooden homes, you will feel more comfortable and warm.
  • It helps to reduce stress levels as well as blood pressure.
  1. Natural Insulation

Wood is famous for its natural insulation property that creates a barrier between hot and cold. Also, as thermal conductivity increases with density, therefore, all timber that is lightweight is better insulator.

In addition, buildings with timber frames allow space for extra insulation materials to put in between edges without increasing ceiling. Further, its natural thermal property also increases the efficiency of insulation materials. It will not become dissipate heat or cold. Therefore it needs less energy to maintain the warmth in the building.

Final Words

We hope the above benefits of wood help you determine why to consider wood as construction of the building.

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