Tuesday, 29 September 2020 14:25

Why are protective face masks so popular today?

The coronavirus pandemic appeared out of nowhere and spread across the globe in a very short time. Even at the beginning of 2020, the world believed that the risk of a global pandemic was low, as the virus was present only in China at the time.

However, it soon turned out that the new threat was much more dangerous than it first seemed. Protective masks have become indispensable for every citizen and there were periods where such masks where hard to find due to the high demand. Why are masks so common today and what should you consider when choosing them?

Face masks – the first line of defence

We associate protective face masks mainly with Asian countries, because in Korea, China or Japan it is common to cover the mouth and nose when you have an infection. This discipline allows for better control of the number of infections, which is extremely important in large Asian cities because irresponsible behaviour can endanger entire populations. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, it was known fairly quickly that face masks would become the first line of defence. The goal now is to spread out the number of cases as much as possible over time, because with such a large scale of the disease, it is quite logical that almost everyone will be infected with this new virus. Masks do not protect against the coronavirus, but significantly reduce the likelihood of infection. This is extremely important because spreading out the number of cases over time allows the medical sector to operate at maximum efficiency and without the risk of collapse. What's more, the masks emphasize the exceptional state in which we are and to some extent keep society in check. Large group meetings in restaurants, bars, concerts and during trips are not so much of a threat anymore because everyone is aware of the dangers.

Since when have face masks been used?

The history of face masks is very long. The connection between air and getting sick was noticed at the beginning of the Middle Ages, when the "plague air" made people sick. During the plague epidemic in the 13th century, doctors wore special masks in the shape of bird beaks. Another epidemic in which protective masks played a major role was the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-1920.

Where is the best place to find good quality protective masks?

protective face mask

protective face mask

Disposable face masks have become a necessity today, so it is good to buy them in stores that offer reasonable prices and high-quality products. A protective mask should be made properly, as only then is it able to reduce the risk of contamination. Proven and quality protective masks are available at https://www.staples.se/moessor-masker/cbk/4025.html

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